RWM Visits Lodge St. Monan No.1348

The Regular Meeting of Lodge St. Monan No.1348 held on Friday 8th January 2016 was the last meeting before RWM Bro. Bill Hill vacated the chair in favour of Master Elect Bro. David Brisland PM. To mark his term of office Bro. Hill invited a team of Reigning and Past Masters from various Lodges throughout the Province of Fife and Kinross to work his last meeting. Among those invited to work the Degree was Bro. Bill Foster RWM of Lodge Randolph No.776 and acting as the Substitute Candidate Bro. Bill Rocks PM Lodge Randolph No.776.

The working team carried out an excellent exemplification of the Fellow Craft Degree led by Bro. John Kirkaldy RWM of Elgin's Lodge at Leven No.91 who took the chair for the Degree.

The Brethren who took part this evening were:

Bro. John Kirkaldy RWM Elgin's Lodge at Leven No.91 RWM
Bro. Bill Foster RWM Lodge Randolph No.776 WSW
Bro. David Shearer RWM Lodge Balgonie No.764 WJW
Bro. David Thompson PM Lodge St. John No.540 SD
Bro. Drew Simpson RWM Lodge St. Serf No.327 JD
Bro. Gordon Morris IPM Lodge St. Leonard No.935 IG
Bro. Sandy Sutherland PM Lodge Balcarres No.1240 Chap
Bro. Bob Hamilton Piper Lodge St. Serf No.327 Piper

FC Degree

Members of Lodge St. Monan No.1348 with Degree Team and Candidate 

FC Degree

Bro. Bill Hill RWM of Lodge St. Monan No.1348 with Degree Team and Candidate