Donations to Buckhaven Primary School

 Bro. Bill Foster RWM of Lodge Randolph No.776 presented a cheque for £400.00 Friday 27th November 2015 to Buckhaven Primary School to help them build a sensory room at the school.

The Lodge also submitted a request to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Fife and Kinross to consider making further donations from the monies raised at the Charity Dinner held on the 29th August 2015. After consideration the Provincial Grand Lodge made a further donation of £1,250.00 to help purchase seating for the new sensory room.

On 21st March 2016 the sensory room was officially opened and Bro. Bill Foster RWM of Lodge Randolph No.776 accompanied by Bro. Bill Rocks WSPGM went along to the opening. There they met Education Officer Lynn Porter, Assistant Head Teacher Gordon Anderson and Head Teacher Lynn Dyas who explained the benifits of the sensory room.

Sensory Rooms are a specially designed environment designed to give a sensory experience for people with various abilities. A Sensory Room can be created specifically for a particular set of requirements and can also help develop skills such as switching and cause and effect to colour or hand eye coordination skills among many others.